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Massar utilizes a participatory approach in providing customized management solutions to organizations, that include commercial, corporate, and non-governmental organizations (both local and foreign), the Palestinian public sector, and donors and philanthropic associations. Massar's practice on visiting clients on-site, and working with them in identifying remedies to their problems and needs is essential in creating successful management at clients.

Massar also targets incumbent organizations, both local and foreign. Massar has assisted in the establishment of leading commercial organizations in Palestine, in the fields of information technology, public relations, and journalism. Massar maintains close working relations with these sister companies, and draws upon their expertise and resources to assist needy clients.

More than a decade of hands-on experience in management, compounded with a superb working knowledge of the Palestinian business environment, allows Massar to assist foreign organizations in institutionalizing their presence locally. Massar also works closely with international donors in establishing and managing public-benefit projects.

Management Solutions include:

Business Start-Up Services and Resources
• Provide logistical support for incumbent organizations
• Guide and facilitate the process of company incubation
• Guide and facilitate the registration process for new local organizations
• Provide support services for management operations focusing on human resources;   logistics; finance, administration, publicity; and others

Entry to Palestine
• Provide logistical support for foreign organizations seeking to establish a presence in   Palestine
• Guide and facilitate the process of incubation and registration
• Provide support services for management operations focusing on human resources;   logistics; finance, administration, publicity; and others

Administrative Services and Logistical Support
• Provide temporary office space and staff, and translation services
• Assist in the process of office rental, skeleton staffing and contractual agreements with   relevant parties – CPAs, lawyers, specialized consultancy groups and others.

Legal Research and Consultancy Services and Resources
• Provide holistic legal incubation services
• Determine legal requirements; develop legal resources; and facilitate legal processes   relating to corporate and non-corporate governance, including Articles of Association,   Bylaws; Permits and Licenses; Trademark Registration; and employment contracts and   settlements
• Facilitate legal processes; supply legal resources; and provide legal guidance relating to   financial law and inter-corporate trade, including mergers and acquisitions; partnership   agreements; stock transfer; loan and credit facilities agreements; investment   considerations and exemptions; and venture capital registration and financing
• Undertake specialized legal research and provide legal briefings and training
• Provide legal consultancy and support to processes of institutional transformation, such   as privatization of public bodies and public-listing of privately held commercial   institutions

Human Resource Solutions
• Assess human resource needs, and gaps between actual and desired employee   performance
• Design and conduct customized training programs, for individuals and groups
• Provide guidance on effective management tools and problem solving techniques
• Facilitate recruitment processes for clients, including identifying placement needs, and   screening and interviewing potential employees
• Integrate new employees into their place of work, by providing orientation and individual   counseling

Financial Services
• Design and manage payroll systems
• Undertake financial SWOT analysis, and develop strategic financial plans
• Develop business plans aiming to maximize profits for clients in the business sector;   and maximize impact for projects in the development sector
• Track and analyze resource usage and efficiency
• Develop and implement micro-credit and micro-finance projects and distribution   systems
• Develop internal monitoring and tracking systems for financial performance
• Develop and implement strategies to secure new sources of capital and funding
• Guide firms through the process of becoming listed on the Palestinian Stock Exchange
• Produce alternate scenarios and models for financial performance and behavior

Specialized Technical Assistance
• Identify and engage international consultants for short-term contracts in a range of   specialized areas, including management information systems, environmental impact   assessments, micro enterprise finance, and industrial engineering

Management Audits
• Assess employee and managerial performance
• Ascertain strengths and weaknesses of management systems
• Identify areas for improvement in production and management systems
• Recommend changes to management systems, policies and procedures
• Implement and monitor the required changes, and evaluate the results