We work locally and think globally
Massar International is a holding company headquartered in Ramallah, Palestine that oversees and manages a network of more than 15 subsidiaries.   Our core business activities are real estate development, financial and investment services, and corporate business development.  The company was founded by Bashar Masri in 1994, who established Massar Associates to promote sustainable economic development through private sector capacity building initiatives in Palestine. Today, Massar International's operational scope has expanded to include the MENA region as well as Eastern Europe.
Real Estate
The Massar International Real Estate Group develops residential housing projects, commercial properties, combined residential and recreational communities and other land use infrastructure projects for buyers from a variety of socio-economic strata. Projects are currently under construction in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan...
Financial Services
The Massar International Financial Services Group provides brokerage, fund management and investment services in the financial markets of Palestine, Egypt and Jordan...
Services and Development
The Massar International Services and Development Group is diversified mix of start-up companies in the fields of information technology, consulting, and media committed to pioneering cutting edge products and new business services in their respective markets....
Headquarters - Ramallah, P.O. Box 1218, Palestine, Tel: +970 2 2409595, Fax: +970 2 2409110, e-mail: info@massar.com
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