Siraj Fund Management

Siraj Fund Management Company (SFMC) is the first dedicated private equity fund manager in Palestine, founded by Massar International in 2003 for the sole purpose of managing investment funds in Palestine. The first fund, Siraj Palestine Fund I (SPF I), a $90 million fund, was launched on February 3, 2011. It is comprised of direct equity investments in viable startup, distressed, SME and relatively large enterprises in Palestine across various economic sectors. SFMC’s investments are intended to unleash the potential of these Palestinian businesses, by promoting technological advancements and development in the country, spurring economic growth, job creation and innovation in Palestine.
SFMC’s strongest asset is its experienced and effective team of professionals. SFMC places great emphasis on professional and skills development across its staff. SFMC’s team consists of a committed, accomplished Palestinian staff with recognized qualifications that include holders of MBAs, CIA, CFAs, and CPAs, in addition to diversified experiences in various sectors.
SFMC has played an integral role in introducing and developing the private equity industry in Palestine; SPF I was the first private equity fund in Palestine. This would not have been achieved without the dedicated and effective approach of the SFMC team. Since the launch of the fund in 2011, the SFMC team has demonstrated exceptional abilities in sourcing, assessing, negotiating, structuring and adding value to investments. This is complemented with an in depth knowledge of the local market and an innovative approach to maximizing company potential. Across the portfolio, SFMC team members have exacted important changes through active representation on company’s board of directors and moderate to full-blown hands-on intervention in companies’ operations.

An integral component of SFMC’s investment mission is Palestinian economic development. The fund is focused on investments in Palestinian companies which will have a strong social and development impact. Employment practices and job creation are key to this strategy. Across the portfolio, SFMC’s input has supported increased inclusion of women and low-income head of households in the workforce. To date, SFMC investments have maintained and created over 2,000 employment opportunities, in addition to hundreds of indirect jobs.