The Palestinian Company for Cash and Valuables Transportation and Private Security Services, established in Palestine in 2008 to be the first private security company specialized in cash secure logistics and cash management.

AMAN started its journey with providing Cash-in-Transit services for both financial institutions and retail companies, with a well-trained and well-equipped team on its side supported by a strong back office, including a control room applying state-of-the-art technologies, AMAN CIT services proved to be both reliable and secure; saving customers time and keeping their staff safe by avoiding them all types of dangers associated with cash delivery. Furthermore, AMAN successfully built a strong network of partners that made it possible to provide the market with a bundle of CIT Door-To-Door services covering geographical areas such as Gaza strip, Jordan and Israel in the most convenient way.

In 2016 and after two years of persistent effort, AMAN successfully launched the ATM Managed Services, offering banks for the first time in Palestine the option to outsource one of the most demanding and risky tasks, and allowing them to focus more on their core business. The ATM Managed services was a very important and strategic milestone that established for a major step into the cash processing field.

After the great success achieved with the ATM Managed Services, AMAN started to put more and more focus on developing value-added Cash Management solutions. By mid-2020, AMAN decided to invest in a Cash Centre, not only to support its current ATM services operations, but to also enable the company to provide the Palestinian market with an advanced set of cash collection and management services such as Cash Processing, Cash Custody and Cash Deposit Services.

The Cash Centre is considered another important milestone AMAN is planning to accomplish in the near future that will require building more capacity and investing heavily in both technology and people, nonetheless this milestone is believed to assign AMAN a major role in the Palestinian Banking Sector that will retain AMAN at the top spot of the Cash Management field in the Palestinian market for many years to come.