Bader ICT Incubator

Bader exists to stimulate the growth of ICT and ICT-related start-up companies by making return driven investments. It is a Palestinian ICT entrepreneurship incubator, working to create an enabling environment and a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation, employment and ICT capacity building. Members have access to funding, mentoring and coaching, business facilities and resources to dramatically increase their opportunities of success. In doing so, Bader contributes to job creation, enhanced economic growth and instant real time support to local and international ICT firms working in the city of Rawabi. Bader fund is structured as an LP (Limited Partnership) for-profit company where incubated businesses will be spun-off for external acquisition, realizing a short-term ROI for the fund. The LP structure is well suited for rapid growth that provides high-returns in a short period of time and it is attractive for sophisticated venture capitalists and angel investors. In turn, this increases Bader’s capacity to attract new businesses by providing access to sources of capital.