WebTeb provides comprehensive health and wellness information in Arabic, so that Arabic-speaking users can live better, healthier lives and interact with health practitioners, hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmaceutical companies and health education institutions. WebTeb is the largest Arabic-language health and wellness site, with the most traffic, content, tools and doctor listings serving over 350 million Arabic language speakers. WebTeb offers credible evidence-based content that is timely and professional. The original content is legally licensed, including licenses from the Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. WebTeb focuses on native advertising-promoting content to market services or products, by raising awareness to medical cases, prevention and treatment options. In addition, it has the most comprehensive physicians’ directory and medical tourism guide in Arabic. In 2012, Siraj invested in WebTeb.com for a 25% share in the company to enable it to expand its outreach and improve its services.