Call U Communication

CallU is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that was established in July 2008. CallU provides internet services for residential and commercial users, microwave network, and internet related hardware. The company also provides IPTV service “Feel TV”, providing entertainment content and many applications through a receiver that connects to the TV. On its Feel TV, CallU offers advertising services that have been adopted on both VOD section and at the homepage. CallU also offers value added services including adult content filtering “Aman”, domain name registration, Website hosting services, and e-mail services. CallU also finished developing a new data center in 2020 and transferred 80% of its network to it. Through this new data center, Call U also started to sell co-location services.
Since its establishment, CallU started to provide its services in the field of telecommunications in Westbank/ Palestine with a broadband license from the Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology. The broadband license enables CallU to offer multiple types of internet services including ADSL, microwave, and fiber optics services. Within a short period of launching its services in 2010, CallU earned a prominence as one of the market’s fastest-growing and most reliable telecommunications providers, it has gained a loyal customer base in one of the most competitive markets in the region.
The IPTV service at CallU “Feel TV” was launched in 2016. Feel TV is a customized receiver device that converts the TV into a smart device, provides an entertainment experience through a variety of content, and allows its users to install many applications from Google Play store. The company additionally provides the application “Feel Mobile” which allows the users to enjoy a more convenient experience.
CallU is also dedicated to maintain its social responsibility role and participates in a range of community activities and initiatives to support education, health, sports and entrepreneurship.