PlaGaz for Gaz Distribution Services

Realizing the great potential of use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the main source of clean and environment friendly energy in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, Siraj has allocated resources in 2011 to invest in this sector. This entailed acquiring a small, family-owned company, serving the residential sector of Nablus - PalGaz. We have invested in the company with the goal of transforming the family-owned, geographically limited business into a fast growing national leader of the LPG industry in Palestine. Since Siraj’s involvement, PalGaz has become the fastest growing company in the LPG sector, with a vision to induce structural reforms in the sector and be the main driver of energy development and growth in the economy. PalGaz is not just focused on being a distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), but it is a significant player helping the whole sector to transform into an industry.
Pal Gaz provides its services, including a non-stop supply of gas to factories and commercial structures, where safety and quality are of paramount importance, across the cities of the West Bank, making Pal Gaz the perfect choice for such facilities.
In 2020, Siraj and United for Power Service Co. (a major player in the Gaz supply market owned by Dr. Abdel Malik Jaber) took a strategic decision to unite under one umbrella in a joint effort to achieve the above vision. Both companies, are relying on the unique technical expertise as well as distribution capabilities, providing a strong synergetic union, which will shape up the energy industry in Palestine and take it to higher levels of transformation.

Currently PalGaz/United is the largest player in market in terms of volume of liquid gas sold to commercial, industrial and residential segments and is a key player in the cylinder business. It also operates the largest distribution fleet for gas distribution and transportation. It is also working on owning the largest storage of liquid gas in Palestine.