Alpha International for Research, Polling & Informatics

Alpha is an independent company that is managed by research professionals. Alpha was established to provide decision makers from government, business, and civil society organizations as well as individuals with reliable data, effective information, and state of the art statistical analysis tools to make sound decision in the present and plan adequately for the future.
As a company that operates throughout the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and Jordan. Alpha is skilled at operating in volatile, post-conflict conditions. Drawing upon its large pool of experienced field researchers and its multiple field offices, Alpha has demonstrated experience working effectively in areas isolated by security restrictions and during periods of conflict or instability. Alpha is highly experienced in working in the West Bank and Gaza through its accomplished fulltime-based staff, who have led similar studies.
Over the years, Alpha team has conducted around 500 research projects for 300 clients. Alpha team had collected around 850,000 questionnaires, 3,200 focus group discussions and 12,000 in-depth interviews.

Our Services

Alpha is a full-service research company that conducts both small-scale and large-scale research projects to measure images, attitudes, opinions, awareness, and market share. Our methodology and approach are always tailored to client needs, objectives and budgets.

We study, evaluate and analyze Services, products, concepts, advertising, communications and pricing strategies and evaluate and track customer satisfaction, loyalty and the drivers behind them.

Our research services include the following:

Survey Design and Execution
▪    Phone surveys (CATI)
▪    Tablet Face-to-face surveys (TAPI)
▪    Focus group discussions.
▪    In-depth interviews.
▪    Online Survey
▪    SMS Survey    
Market Research
▪    Segmentation Studies
▪    Brand Health Research
▪    Mystery shopping services.
▪    Market surveys.
▪    Focus groups discussions.
▪    Feasibility studies.
▪    Market Appraisal

Research and Studies
▪    Research design and implementation.
▪    Impact and needs assessment studies.
▪    Baseline studies
Public opinion polls    
Data Services
▪    Data need identification.
▪    Data collection and data entry.
▪    Data analysis and interpretation.
▪    Data science