Massar Consulting & Technical Services

Massar Consulting & Technical Services delivers measurable and sustainable management solutions to our clients across the range of private sector, government and non-government institutions. In close consultation with our clients, we design and help implement performance-based strategies that bring about effective and enduring impact and results. For more than two decades since we were founded in 1994, Massar has established a strong base of skills, knowledge and network of local and international professionals and firms. This has enabled the company to support and manage many of the largest multi-million dollars development projects for the private and public sectors in Palestine. We offer a comprehensive package of consulting services ranging from management solutions, organizational development, capacity building, project management, investment promotion, training and business development services.

We have a talented team of professionals with extensive technical know-how and intimate knowledge of the Palestinian business environment that can bring synergy and integrated solutions to the challenges our client face. We manage multi-million dollar projects financed by international donors such as USAID, EU and the World Bank; we supervise the entire process of project management cycle from bidding, awarding, mobilization, implementation and closing. The company has also worked with other leading international development organizations, such as Chemonics International, Louis Berger and ICON Institute. Massar also offers Massar International subsidiary companies with support in the areas of business operations, logistical planning, human resource recruitment and management, accounting and operational management, and the establishment and implementation of management systems and administrative policy.