Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment

Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment is a limited shareholding company, located on the Palestinian Side of the Jordan Valley. Nakheel is the most significant entrepreneurial project in the Palestinian agriculture sector, specializing in the production and sale of Medjool dates. In early March 2011, guided by our commitment to contribute to the development of Palestinian economy, we invested in Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investments. The agricultural sector in Palestine is a job and income generator promoting social stability, economic growth, and environmental sustainability; the dates farming industry in particular is a promising investment, with huge growth potential. Dates farming industry specifically employs predominantly landless and poor peasants in the Jericho area and due to its seasonal nature, it often offers a secondary source of income to many people throughout the year.

Nakheel currently is the leading company in the Palestinian date palm sector; having achieved one of the highest levels in operational excellence in both its agricultural and post-harvest processes, and accumulated vast expertise in Medjool cultivation, as it currently cultivates over 40,000 palms around Jericho. Today, Nakheel is the largest date producer in Palestine; growing, packing and exporting the finest Palestinian Medjool and Berhi dates locally and internationally to over 14 markets around the globe. Nakheel is also considered one of the biggest employers in the agricultural sector in Jericho and the Jordan Valley, employing over 500 employees throughout the year. Moreover, the company’s operations are in compliance with international standards, and it is the only company in the industry that adheres to Global Gap, British Retail Consortium (BRC), ISO 22000, Halal and Palestinian Quality Standards.  

Our investment provides Nakheel with the opportunity to capitalize on economic development, allowing it to capture the local and a portion of the international market through introducing high quality Palestinian brands into local and international markets.