Publicis Zoom

Publicis Zoom is a dynamic full-service advertising and communication agency that works on building comprehensive communication and outreach strategies for government, corporate and non-profit clients in Palestine. Since 2004, its strengths in the Palestinian communications sector has positioned it as the thought-leader on organizational identity and brand strategy in the local market and helped to define a new set of operating standards for the industry. Publicis Zoom is ahead of the competition in creating concrete sets of deliverables and tangible end-products; the team’s specialized competencies include creative services, media buying and planning, digital marketing and social media, website design and development as well as content development. We also support clients in the development and design of press releases, ad copy, brochures, project literature, and annual reports. By 2012, Zoom was firmly established as the undisputed leader of the advertising industry in Palestine, which was solidified when Zoom joined in partnership with the Publicis Group, the largest communications group worldwide, and became Publicis Zoom.