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Services and Development
The Massar International Services and Development Group is diversified mix of companies in the fields of information technology, consulting, and media committed to pioneering cutting edge products and new business services in their respective markets.
Massar International guides the members of the Services and Development Group in the areas of strategic planning, budget coordination and decision-making. The goal is to strengthen the internal operational and managerial capacity of each member of the group until it is completely self-sustaining and has garnered a significant percentage of market share in its operational sphere.
Massar Consulting & Technical Services - Palestine
Established in 1994, Massar is a private consulting firm working to promote sustainable economic development in Palestine.
It offers a comprehensive package of consulting services, working closely with clients in the areas of investment promotion, management solutions and development consulting.
Massar hires talented professionals from the local Palestinian community, offering a top-notch team of professionals with extensive technical know-how and an intimate knowledge of the Palestinian business environment.
Publicis Zoom - Palestine
Publicis Zoom is a dynamic advertising agency working with clients to create truly innovative communications strategies for every budget.
Publicis Zoom offer clients high quality communications services, including graphic design, billboard and newspaper advertising, corporate imaging, product promotion, and web design. Publicis Zoom public relations department specializes in press releases, ad copy, brochures, project literature, annual reports, and the development of web site content.
Harvest Export – Palestine
Harvest Export is a service-oriented agricultural export company providing Palestinian agricultural cooperatives and farmers in Gaza and the West Bank the opportunity to export high-value, high-quality products to new and existing markets.

Established in 2005, and based in Gaza, Harvest Export
  • Registered the first and only Palestinian-owned agricultural products trademark
  • Markets and sells Palestinian agricultural products in European, Russian, Arabian Gulf , US and Israeli markets
  • Provides financial and technical support services to producers to guarantee quality and quantity of product supply
  • Performs logistics services including product grading, quality control and the end-to-end cold chain critical to the transfer of products
  • Operates state-of-the-art distribution centers adjacent to commercial border crossings to facilitate timely processing of exports.
  • Serves as an intermediary between Palestinian producers and international agricultural importers.
Harvest Export provides comprehensive product documentation preparation services, as well as streamlined, cost efficient packing, loading and terminal crossing operations for exporters. Our international staff is fluent in Hebrew, English, Arabic and French, whose diverse cultural and educational backgrounds minimize the impact of cultural differences while maximizing trade potential for all parties involved.

Harvest Export helps Palestinian farmers and agricultural cooperatives get their products from field to the buyer's warehouses quickly, safely and efficiently. We also work with overseas buyers who may have a great interest in Palestinian products, but may not know how to best search the market for products, or speak the language proficiently. Both aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing products and documentation to meet local import/export laws.

Our knowledge and philosophy create an ideal climate for profitable business exchange between export-ready manufacturers and their import-ready counterparts.
ASAL Technologies - Palestine
ASAL Technologies is a software and IT services outsourcing company in Ramallah, Palestine that was founded in 2000. Today, ASAL is the largest ICT company in Palestine and a premiere software solutions provider. From the beginning, ASAL has worked towards providing excellence in ICT solutions for a large number of local, regional and international organizations such as Cisco Systems, Intel and many others.

SW Development / ICT HR Outsourcing:

ASAL supplies international companies with talented Palestinian professionals to work with their clients company and partners in the region for IT services such as software development.

ASAL operates as a local system integrator, provides on-site and administration support for international companies across a wide range of industries including banking, government, health care and telecommunications.

ASAL Technologies employs over 80 employees with diverse academic backgrounds and expertise. They are all highly motivated, creative and organized workers that add great value to the company. ASAL’s solutions have proven to serve clients’ needs, always delivered on time and on budget.
Alpha International - Palestine
Alpha International was established in 2001, with the aim to help decision–makers from government, business and civil society organizations and individuals to make effective use of data, information and modern statistical analysis tools in making sound decision for present and planning of the future. Backed by distinguished in house expertise and a solid commitment to quality, Alpha Team provides a wide range of reliable services using cutting edge research methods and statistical analysis techniques.

Alpha has extended experience in conducing data services including data need identification, data collection and entry, data analysis and interpretation data management as well as data design and implementation. Alpha team is also experienced in design, development and implementing management information systems tailored to the particular need of client institution. There are many fields that Alpha has been working gin as well, including surveys, polling, performance evaluation, research studies, capacity building, trend analysis and forecasting, outsourcing and specialized technical assistance.
Travel Masters - Jordan
Travel Masters is a full-service travel agency dedicated to the needs of both the corporate and leisure travel markets.  In addition, we specialize in providing custom and VIP travel management services for corporate and business travelers in Jordan and the Middle East region.
Travel Masters success is based on its wide range of travel products, its expert team of travel professionals and effective market segmentation. Its range of products and services include air travel arrangements, business services, world-wide hotel reservations, local tour services and holiday packages.
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