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Real Estate Development
The Massar International Real Estate Group develops residential housing projects, commercial properties, combined residential and recreational communities and other land use infrastructure projects for buyers from a variety of socio-economic strata.  Projects are currently under construction in Morocco, Egypt and Jordan.  The company's initial real estate development projects are extremely successful and have positioned Massar International to expand into neighboring countries in the region.
To date, the Massar International Real Estate Group has successfully developed, marketed and managed more than 7.000 new housing units, 13,000 square meters of new commercial space, 1.24 million square meters of recreational use land projects, and more than 3.4 million square meters of infrastructural land development in 4 countries throughout the region, with total property values in excess of $200 million.
Bayti Real Estate Investment Company - Palestine
Bayti Real Estate Investment Company was established to jumpstart development of the Palestinian real estate sector. Its mission is to create affordable, accessible, family- friendly communities for Palestinians.
Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city, is the largest private sector project ever carried out in Palestine. The city integrates international planning principles, sustainable environmental practices, regionally-suited architecture, state of-the-art infrastructure and ease of access for both residents and visitors. Its amenities, which include a commercial center, art spaces, educational and medical facilities, will make it a destination as well as home for all Palestinians. The investment in Rawabi will ultimately exceed more than $1 billion USD.

Developed by international and local experts from Birzeit and An-Najah Universities in addition to the Rawabi technical teams, Rawabi is the first Palestinian city built according to a master plan. The master plan provides the framework to ensure that Rawabi and its residents flourish for generations to come.
Rawabi provides more than 5,000 housing units with multiple floor plans, spread across 23 neighborhoods. The city also includes public and private schools, arts and medical facilities, mosques and a church and extensive green recreation space. It's commercial center offers a retail business district, a hotel, cinemas and convention center, which will create economical and cultural destination for all Palestinians.

Rawabi will initially be home to 25,000 residents, with additional residential and commercial units slated for subsequent construction phases that will ultimately serve a city with a population of more than 40,000.

Located 9 km north of Ramallah and 3.5 km north of Birzeit, Rawabi lies 25 km to the north of Jerusalem and 25 km south of Nablus. The view west from Rawabi's hilltops offers a panorama of the Mediterranean coast. Rawabi's municipal boundaries will encompass 6,300,000 square meters of land (1,560 acres), located predominantly in the area designated by the Oslo Agreement as Area (A) under Palestinian Authority control.
Bayti also builds communities in Morocco and Jordan, where it has already constructed and sold thousands of high-quality affordable apartment homes. Every Bayti project creates several thousand direct and indirect employment opportunities, providing multi-level stimulus to local and national economies.
Bayti - Morocco
Bayti is a company established to create value in the medium-term through strategic investment in the Moroccan real estate sector. Bayti focuses on areas poised to benefit substantially from the liberalization of the Moroccan economy; such as low-income housing.
In the last few years, Bayti’s high standards in quality, timely delivery of housing units and reasonable cost structure earned it a reputation as one of Morocco's top real-estate development companies.  Moroccans ask for Bayti homes by name.
The management and financial operations of Bayti are backed by seasoned industry experts employed by its principal shareholder, Massar International.
Taleed - Egypt
Taleed is an Egyptian real estate development company engaged in the creation of profitable and innovative recreational facilities in Egypt. Taleed is the developer of the Santorini Country Club, a leisure resort in Northern Egypt providing state-of-the-art recreational activities for Egyptian families.
Santorini is one of the few comprehensive country clubs in Egypt with a land area of more than 1,400,000 square meters.  The complex provides almost every imaginable facet of entertainment and leisure activity in Cairo. The complex includes an equestrian center, a tennis facility, a shooting range and hunting grounds, a golf course and a first-class luxury fitness center. The recreational complex is coupled with residential chalets, rentable condos, luxury villas with swimming pools and deluxe outdoor entertainment facilities.
Palestine Investment and Development Company - Palestine
Established in 1993 as an investment company with special focus on real-estate, the Palestinian Investment and Development Company is a public shareholding company listed on the Palestinian Securities Exchange as PID.
PID owns a number of strategic plots of land mainly in the Ramallah area, earmarked for real-estate development projects.  In addition, PID is a major shareholder in a number of Palestinian companies including Everest Real-Estate Company and Mustaqbal Educational Development Company (Al-Mustaqbal Schools).
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