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Financial Services
The Massar International Financial Services Group provides brokerage, fund management and investment services in the financial markets of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, and Serbia.
The Massar International financial services subsidiaries are committed to sustainable community development and actively support young, visionary investors in a wide range of markets and economic sectors.
Siraj Fund Management Company - Palestine
The Siraj Fund Management Company ("SFMC") is a specialized Palestinian company, founded by Massar International for the sole purpose of managing investment funds in Palestine. The first fund, the Siraj Palestine Fund I, a $90 Million fund, was launched on February 3, 2011, is a private equity fund comprised of direct equity investments in viable start-up, distressed, SME and relatively large enterprises in Palestine across various economic sectors. Siraj's investments are intended to unleash the potential of these Palestinian businesses, while promoting technological advancements and development in the country, spurring economic growth, job creation and innovation in Palestine. Siraj has plans to launch future funds focused on the Palestinian market thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the country.
Siraj offers unsurpassed hands-on knowledge and expertise in investing in the West Bank and Gaza coupled with international fund management experience. Dedicated Palestinian and international staff manage the day-to-day operations of the Fund and offer technical assistance to Portfolio Companies.
Sahem Trading & Investments - Palestine
Sahem Trading & Investments Company is a privately-owned Palestinian financial institution established by a group of experienced investment managers to develop regional financial markets and is currently managed by Mr. Samir Zraiq as its General Manager. Sahem is headquartered in Ramallah. We employ more than 25 brokerage professionals.
Sahem was founded in the late 1990's shortly after the opening of the Palestine Exchange (PEX) in Nablus . Investors at home and abroad quickly embraced the opportunity to participate in the growth of the Palestinian economy, and Sahem's client base expanded rapidly.

Our goal is to provide integrated, comprehensive investment and trading services and personalized attention to every one of our clients. Currently, Sahem offers trading services on both the PEX and on selected regional stock exchanges We are constantly upgrading and expanding our roster of customer services. In 2004, Sahem launched its SMS Investor program, which delivers PEX daily closing quotes to customer's mobile telephones around the world. Sahem customers can sign up for this service online.
In an investment environment that is constantly changing, the challenge is to find a skilled partner who can help you achieve your financial goals while preserving your assets. Sahem strives to serve as the brokerage of choice for customers seeking innovative solutions and personalized attention.
Al Tadamon El Arabi - Egypt
Al Tadamoun Al Arabi trading and investment company received an operating license from the General Egyptian Capital Market Authority and commenced operations in 1998.  Al Tadamoun provides financial services to clients in the Egyptian market and offers trading services on the London GDR as well. It has paid in capital of 15 million Egyptian Pounds.
Senior financial specialists at Al Tadamoun work closely with their clients to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The company has a customer base of more than 5,000 clients from a wide range of economic backgrounds and nationalities.
Al Tadamoun constantly seeks ways to add value to the customer experience.  In coming months, the firm will launch online stock trading services using software that clients can access from the Al Tadamoun web site. 
The company's vision is to become a local and regional market leader; expanding to include offices located in each of the Egyptian districts, and to offer brokerage services to clients from all Arab markets who wish to trade on the Egyptian stock exchange. 
Energo - Serbia
Energo Broker a.d. was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 1995 and is one of the oldest brokerage houses in Serbia. The firm is a member of the Central Securities, Depository and Clearing House, the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the Association of Brokerage Houses and Stock Exchanges. It is also a shareholder in the Belgrade Stock Exchange and one of the pioneers in share trading in Serbia.  Energo is also a qualified broker for the Serbian Government Share Fund.  
Energo Broker trades various types of securities, including commercial paper, bonds and shares.  For twelve years, it has successfully traded shares on behalf of its clients in the largest and most influential Serbian public companies.  It also acts as an agent for a number of well-established companies with market capitalizations in the hundreds of millions of USD.
With a strong and highly qualified team of dedicated experts offering brokerage, advisory and consulting services to our clients, Energo Broker has gained the trust of more than 20,000 clients and aims to constantly deliver long-term value to all its customers and shareholders.
Bader ICT-related Incubator بادر – Palestine
Bader is the Palestinian entrepreneurs' ICT incubator. With its sizable fund Bader provides a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation, employment, and ICT capacity building. Bader's entrepreneurs will get funding, mentors, business offices, and business resources to drastically increase their chances of success. The mission of Bader is to stimulate the growth of ICT and ICT-related start-up companies by making return driven investments. By fulfilling this mission, Bader would contribute to job creation, provide for enhanced economic growth, and provide immediate real time support to local and international ICT firms in Rawabi.
The structure of the fund for Bader is the LP (Limited Partnership). Bader is a for-profit company; it would spin-off the incubated companies to an external acquisition realizing a short-term ROI for the fund. The LP structure for Bader's fund is well-suited for fast growth that provides high-returns in a short period of time. This structure is more attractive to sophisticated venture capitalists and angel investors who can increase the incubator's ability to attract new companies due to improved access to sources of equity capital.
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