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At Massar International, we believe our reputation is our most important attribute. Earning and retaining the trust of all of our clients and investment partners is integral to continued growth. We maintain a culture that promotes the highest level of personal integrity and accountability, mutual respect, vision and innovation, and commitment to community. These values are central to how we do business and are fundamental to our success.

At Massar International, we remain committed to the continued development of best practices that ensure we earn our clients' and partners' trust every day.
Bashar Masri
Bashar Masri is Chairman of the Board of Massar International, a company he founded in 1994 to realize his vision for private sector development to serve as the path ("massar" in Arabic) leading to Palestinian economic development and growth. He actively promotes Palestinian private sector business opportunities to companies and individuals across the globe.

Mr. Masri is the visionary and catalyst behind Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city and the largest private sector undertaking of any kind in Palestinian history. Rawabi, as the cornerstone of a new, modern and viable Palestinian society, has garnered the attention of world leaders and business pioneers.

Mr. Masri also founded and manages Palestine's first private equity fund, the Siraj Palestine Fund, a $90 million investment initiative created to invigorate and vitalize Palestinian businesses in every sector of the economy. The Siraj Fund has attracted prominent international investors, including the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the Soros Economic Development Fund.

In the past decade, Mr. Masri launched a diverse range of Palestinian start-ups in the fields of journalism, financial services, communications, advertising and information technology.

Regionally, Mr. Masri spearheaded large and economically significant investment projects, including affordable housing communities in Morocco, commercial and residential developments in Jordan, and a residential/recreational real estate project in Egypt. Under his energetic leadership, the Massar International global portfolio now includes more than 15 successful and fast-growing subsidiaries.

Named by the World Economic Forum as a "Global Leader of Tomorrow", Mr. Masri also serves on the boards of numerous private companies and philanthropic organizations, including the board of trustees of An-Najah National University, chairman of the Palestinian Distribution and Logistics Services Company, (PEX: WASSEL) and chairman of the Palestine Mortgage and Housing Corporation, (PEX: PMHC)
Samir Zraiq
Samir Zraiq is both partner and a member of the Massar International management team with more than ten years of experience in the financial services sector in Palestine and Arab regional markets. He is a gifted and persuasive negotiator as well as a talented investment manager. Currently he is the General Manager of Sahem Trading & Investments Company, a Massar International subsidiary, where he is responsible for oversight of the financial, management and organization activities of the number one stock brokerage firm in Palestine. Mr. Zraiq served on the board of directors of a number entities, including the Palestine Securities Exchange (PSE) from 2004-2005 and is currently the Chairman of the publicly traded Palestinian Investment and Development Company.

Under his leadership, Sahem dominated the Palestinian stock exchange in trading volume outpacing the performance of all other firms working in the Palestinian market. In the space of a decade, Sahem has transformed itself from an equities brokerage to a force in the regional financial market. Mr. Zraiq also manages a team of experts that oversees the development and performance of other financial subsidiaries in Jordan, Egypt and Serbia.

Manal Zraiq
A partner and general director of Massar Associates, Ms. Zraiq is an experienced business executive.   A skilled communicator with demonstrated capabilities in the areas of team building and staff development, she is responsible for the management of the day-to-day business of Massar Associates and oversees the financial operations and project implementation. Ms Zraiq has played a leading role in supporting the Massar International investment projects and providing financial and managerial oversight to new business initiatives in journalism, informational technology, financial services, real-estate and media.

With more than a decade of executive experience, Ms. Zraiq’ wide range of specialized skills include finance, business operations, logistical planning, human resource recruitment and management, accounting and operational management. Ms. Zraiq managed multi-million dollar projects financed by international donors such as USAID, EU and the World Bank.  She supervised every aspect of the projects from bidding, awarding, mobilization, implementing and closing. Ms. Zraiq is the President of the Palestinian Women Forum which is the association for Palestinian businesswomen entrepreneurs.

Amir Dajani
Amir Dajani, as part of the Massar International team, supports the company in all aspects of its business development activities. He manages Bayti Real Estate Development Company’s day-to-day operations, supervising the technical and operations teams to ensure timely attainment of all critical project milestones. Mr. Dajani also solicits and coordinates donor participation under the umbrella of Bayti Real Estate Investment Company.

Prior to joining Massar International, Mr. Dajani worked for USAID’s West Bank and Gaza Mission in Tel Aviv in the Private Enterprise Office. His responsibilities included the design, implementation and monitoring of multi-million dollar institution and capacity building programs, trade facilitation, loan guarantee programs, democracy and governance and other private sector initiatives. In addition, Mr. Dajani gained extensive experience in private sector sustainable growth and development while working on a European Commission-funded program as the Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) Technical Assistance Specialist in Jerusalem.

Mr. Dajani designed and launched a number of business development initiatives in different economic sectors, including the nascent Palestinian tourism sector, where he developed a business plan and conducted a feasibility study for a successful $10 million tourism investment project in Jericho.
Ibrahim Barakat
Ibrahim Barakat is a development and procurement specialist, responsible for finding the best business solutions to accomplish the company’s mission. Mr. Barakat develops and executes innovative business outcomes through results-oriented oversight and the implementation of effective policies and contract management protocols.

Mr. Barakat leads negotiation and contracting processes company-wide with local and international suppliers. He develops tactical and strategic procurement plans with an emphasis on operational streamlining. Mr. Barakat also maintains procurement data systems that ensure acquisition system integrity, data quality, accuracy, and timeliness of reporting.

Endowed with strong leadership skills, Mr. Barakat develops new teams and works to instill leadership and initiative-taking skills in cross-functional teams and throughout the decision-making hierarchies under his command. His strong background in organizational management and his familiarity with a wide range of business practices in diverse cultural settings make him an invaluable asset to the firm.
Younes Marrakchi
As Chief Executive Officer of Bayti, Mr. Marrakchi is responsible for the development, financing, fund management and acquisitions of real estate properties. Mr. Marrakshi joined Bayti in 2000. He possesses more than 20 years experience in engineering and investment, and is focusing on Bayti’s current diversified operations, with a portfolio record of more than $ 167 million.

Before joining Bayti, Mr. Marrakchi served as an investment officer at the International Financial Corporation (World Bank Group) for North Africa for 10 years. His effective communication and negotiation skills allowed him to succeed in concluding several investment deals worth more than one billion USD in the areas of capital markets, global manufacture, mining, infrastructure and telecommunications.  Mr. Marrakchi received his MBA from University of Toulouse in France.

Jane Masri
Jane Martyn Masri is a business development professional with more than 20 years experience helping public and private enterprises establish and attain their organizational objectives.  Her specific areas of expertise include financial management, institutional capacity building, strategic planning, and fundraising.  A former Vice President for Finance and Administration of an influential industry trade association in Washington, D.C., Ms. Masri possesses outstanding managerial and financial skills.

Since 1998, she has lived and worked in the Middle East, where she helps facilitate public and private sector growth. Currently, she serves as Creative Director and Managing Partner of Zoom Advertising, a Massar International subsidiary, in Ramallah. Ms. Masri was recently profiled in the UAE trade publication "Bite" as one of five women changing the face of public relations in the Middle East.

Murad Tahboub
Mr. Tahboub is a partner and the General Director of ASAL Technologies, with responsibility for all aspects of its day-to-day operations. Mr. Tahboub is responsible for advancing ASAL’s vision for Software Delivery Optimization and helping deliver clients the most cost effective and manageable software and IT solutions.

Prior to that, Mr. Tahboub served as a marketing specialist with COBRA International in Athens, Greece.  He helped establishing the Palestinian Trade Promotion Organization, the first Palestinian organization to address the needs of Palestinian exporters.  In 1996 Mr. Tahboub served as the General Manager of the Center for Promotion of Palestinian Products office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  He led marketing strategies for several Palestinian companies from different sectors to the EU market. Mr. Tahboub established a solid business network in the Arab, regional and international markets.

Mr. Tahboub serves on the boards of the Palestine Information Technology Association (PITA), the Young Entrepreneurs of Palestine (YEP), and the TAHKEEM Center for Conflict Resolution, a member of the Palestine National Task Force (NTF) for Economy and Trade, the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and the Arab Economist Association. He is also a certified expert from the World Trade Organization (WTO)/(UNCTAD) and the International Trade Center (ITC).

Firas Awad
Mr. Awad is the General Manager of Zoom Advertising. He is a highly skilled young entrepreneur in the advertising sector, with more than 15 years of experience in this business both in Jordan and Palestine.

Before joining Zoom Advertising’s team, Mr. Awad held the position of Deputy General Manager for Operations at Sky Advertising.   For more than a decade, he led teams that developed and changed the concept of advertising in the Palestinian market.  Mr. Awad introduced exciting new promotional concepts to the outdoor advertising market, and managed the advertising accounts of the country’s largest and most influential companies. Mr. Awad's unique talents in sales and marketing are among the key assets he offers, along with a forward-looking vision and a strong affinity for innovation.
Nimer Abdul Wahed
Nimer Abdul Wahed serves as a financial manager and corporate controller for the Bayti Real Estate Development Company, overseeing the company’s accounting department.  He posses strong capacity in the oversight of day-to-day financial operations as well as proven strengths in the areas of analysis, due diligence, performance monitoring and evaluation of organizational short and long-term financial objectives.

Mr. Abdul Wahed is expert at training and leading financial teams to ensure optimal performance levels.   He is tasked with providing proactive leadership and direction to the members of the accounting team to ensure full compliance with all company rules and procedures and to effectively safeguard organizational assets.   He is also responsible for ensuring effective internal controls are in place and that every aspect of Bayti’s financial operations complies with GAAP and applicable country laws as well as rules for financial and tax reporting. 

Prior to joining Bayti, Mr. Abdul Wahed worked for seven years with the financial services firm Ernst & Young.  During his tenure there, he served as senior audit manager for a number of project accounts for USAID and the European Commission, as well as banks, financial institutions, investment companies and international NGOs. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

George Rafidi
George Rafidi manages business development initiatives within Massar Associates and oversees Massar International subsidiaries’ efforts to ensure across the board implementation of corporate policy. He is also responsible for identifying functional synergies and strategic business relationships throughout the Massar corporate network.

Mr. Rafidi is a strong project manager with seven years experience in providing leadership to corporate teams. His high levels of interpersonal, conflict resolution and negotiating skills, along with his ability to serve as diplomat and mediator are talents he brings to the table which help Massar Associates remain consistently on competitive edge of doing business in Palestine and abroad. Mr. Rafidi has excellent skills in proposal writing, and in locating and recruiting high caliber talent for multinational corporations.

Mr. Rafidi joined Massar International in 2006 from Reliant Energy Inc, one of the largest independent power producers worldwide, based in Houston, Texas, that provides electricity and energy- related products to more than 1.9 million retail and wholesale customers in the United States.
Amer Khelfeh
Amer Khilfeh is a professional with skills in the areas of strategic business development and financial consulting, corporate development and risk management. He is a leading Palestinian micro-finance specialist.  He works with the clients of Massar Associates to design and develop financial and accounting systems; and assists in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, diagnosis, financial data collection and investment opportunity analysis, reporting; micro-financial needs assessments; performance monitoring; and financial and administrative management.

Mr. Khilfeh has worked with organizations from both the private and public sectors in the middle East and Northern Africa, covering brokerage and financial services, journalism and media, Real Estate and low income housing, IT and trade sectors. He has worked on USAID-funded micro-finance initiatives, and developed micro-financial management information systems and procedures for mainstream banks and financial institutions in the Arab World

Huda El Jack
Huda El Jack is a Senior Management professional and Business Development specialist with over 10 years’ leadership experience in the Middle East and the US. She is Siraj’s Investment Manager.

Ms. El Jack is adept at business development, with exceptional financial, operational and personnel management ability. She enjoys strong relationships with local and national government agencies, as well as with donors and a range of key players across the private sector. Ms. El Jacks’ expertise in carrying out rapid legal, regulatory, institutional and stakeholder analysis across a wide range of sectors complements her significant knowledge and expertise in research and policy-level analysis. She is a confident communicator with first rate diplomacy skills, keen to continue to use expertise and industry networks to promote sustainable private sector development in the Palestinian Territories.
Nihad Kamal
Nihad Kamal serves as Investment Manager with the Siraj Fund, bringing a wealth of experience in investment management, financial planning, budgeting and Business Development.

Between 1999 and 2011, Mr. Kamal held a succession of managerial positions within the Palestine Development & Investment Company (PADICO) group. His capabilities were greatly expanded by working with PADICO's extensive portfolio of more than 20 subsidiaries in real estate, manufacturing, finance, tourism, telecommunications and energy sectors. His primary objective was to link the individual investment strategies of each subsidiary to the larger investment strategy of the company overall, and to insure the integrity and coordination of both micro and macro strategy on a company-wide basis.

In 2007, Mr. Kamal helped establish the investment arm of PADICO in Jordan: the Rawan International Investment Company. As Rawan's Deputy Chief Investment Officer, he led a team of investment managers in charge of PADICO's $120 million regional equity portfolio.

Mr. Kamal laid the foundations of his career in civil service in 1994, working for the Palestinian Ministry of Finance, where he served as Assistant Manager and VAT Auditor for the Customs Directorate. He was responsible for the refund process and in this capacity, gained exposure to a wide range of corporate financial and operational structures.

Mr. Kamal holds a B.S. in Accounting from Amman University in Jordan. He passed the CPA exams with the California Board of Accountancy in 2005 and obtained his Investment Manager and Advisor's license in June, 2009 from the Jordan Securities Commission.
Abdallah Sabat
Abdallah Sabat has 8 years of auditing, accounting and financial advisory experience, both in the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Siraj, he was an audit manager with Ernst and Young (EY) where he was the manager in-charge of several public listed corporations, investment funds and privet companies such as: Palestine Development and Investment Limited, Palestine Investment Fund, (PIF), the Housing Bank, Rawan International Investment Company and Jerusalem Investment Development Company.

Mr. Sabat holds a B.A. honors major accounting and minor business administration from Birzeit University, Palestine and MBA with emphases on finance and accounting from the University of Liverpool – United Kingdom (UK). Mr. Sabat is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the State of New Mexico, U.S.A., Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).
Dimitri Diliani

Dimitri Diliani is a Senior Investment Manager at Siraj Palestine Investment Fund. Mr. Diliani specializes in Deal Origination through spearheading the process of finding, negotiating and securing potential investees.

Previously, Mr. Diliani served as Chief Executive Officer at United Consultants Business and Media Services; in this capacity, he led a network of highly professional business consultants in the Middle East and Europe.  His business experience extends for the past fourteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, IT, Hospitality business and Consulting in the U.S.A., Europe and the Middle East.  Furthermore, Mr. Diliani served in many public institutions including the Palestine Liberation Organization- Jerusalem’s portfolio, Al-Quds University and the Palestinian Institution for Democracy and Peace.

Mr. Diliani is an MBA in Finance/investments

Mohammad Helles

Mohammad Helles joins Siraj with more than 9 years of experience in Financial Management and Auditing.  Prior to joining the fund, he served as Financial Manager of Palestine Insurance Company, Ltd., where he was responsible for a wide range of financial management functions, including budget preparation, financial analysis and periodic reporting.  Mr. Helles was responsible for legal and regulatory compliance and adherence to GAAP.  He also served as a mentor, providing leadership and direction to incoming members of the finance department.

Mr. Helles also served as an associate in the Ramallah office of Ernst & Young, where he was the associate-in-charge of a number of major accounts: Palestine Mortgage & Housing Corporation (PMHC), Palestine Insurance Company, Asia Cell Telecommunications Company Ltd. (Iraq), Golden Wheat Mills Company and HADARA for Technological Investment Company. Mr. Helles holds a B.A. in Accounting from Birzeit University.

Mohammad Barkawi

Mr. Mohammad Barkawi is the General Manager of Bader ICT Incubator. He is also in charge of Rawabi's ICT Hub. He has over 10 years of executive experience.

Over the last 4 years he has held an executive position at Infinite Tiers Group, a software engineering company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was the Managing Director of the Nablus off-shore development facility. Prior to that he was the business development manager, in charge of the Canada credit card division, at Bank of America in Ottawa, Canada. Mr. Barkawi has a MBA from Middle Tennessee State University.

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